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The availability of foreclosed homes has created an opportunity to purchase a house at reduced prices. When entering into this type of real estate transaction, it’s critical to understand the market and to work with an expert who can help you navigate the process. Our team is always available to help make the process flow smoothly.

Our team has a foreclosure program that gives you up to the minute information on bank owned homes that are coming on the market daily. Don’t miss out on any of these great investment opportunities!

Buying a Bank Owned Property is a different type of transaction. You must be willing to be patient as the process is much more complex. We will be working directly with a bank that cannot respond quickly. Sometimes the process from the time you make an offer on the property until the day of closing can take a month or longer. However, the savings can ultimately mean tens of thousands of dollars in savings and equity!

Each situation is unique and understanding the process and the market is critical. For example, since these homes were previously owned by someone in financial difficulty, the home may need considerable work and repair to bring it up to date. Also, many of the homes you may look at have been vacant for several months. We will work with you during the inspection period to make sure you are comfortable prior to closing. Remember, you are buying the home “as is”, therefore we will make sure that you utilize “due diligence” before the sale occurs.

As you can readily see, having a professional team on your side is critical when dealing in one of the costliest investments of your life! With the Dave Brown Team, experience is not expensive…it is priceless! Contact us today to begin saving money with your next home investment!